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Hear & There

by Mary Stuart Hall, $30, sold out

Words for Water

by Danielle Brutto, $18

Sensory Borrowing

by Arianna Khmelniuk / Zapah_Lab, $18, sold out

Nothing Fits in the Tub

Drawings by Jane Foley, $15
Tapes, $5

What if something happens

by Claire Molla, $18, sold out

A Thousand Todays Are Not Enough

by Tori Tinsley, $8


Volatile Parts is open to collaborative publishing projects outside of our residency schedule. The ideal VP publication documents a specific artist project. It should pursue one particular idea or through-line; it’s not a coffee table book or artist survey. The end publication may take a variety of forms, depending on which feels most appropriate to your project: pamphlet, wall calendar, trade magazine, book, poster, etc. We might even print on mousepads, who knows? Each document will be formatted and designed in-house, printed in limited runs, and sold through Volatile Parts and affiliates. We’ll split the printing costs and profits. 

The goal: to archive the ephemeral. To be high-quality, cheap, and open-hearted. 


Send a write-up of your artist project, including images, ideas, dreams, and relevant materials, to We’ll consider it and get back to you.