You’re Invited




SUNDAY, July 7, 2019, 2 - 6 PM. What If Something Happens, by movement artist Claire Molla.

You’re invited to Claire Molla's performance, What If Something Happens, taking place this Sunday, July 7 / 2-6 PM. This movement-based work is the product of Claire's month-long studio residency. What If Something Happens asks questions about:

The feeling of being seen
The feeling of being together
How to offer and receive
Wordless negotiation
Intimacy / Intensity / Intimidation
What happens when you give more of yourself than someone wants of you
Where is the middle where we meet

The work will be performed continuously, in many iterations, from 2 - 6 PM. Only one visitor will be invited into the space at a time.

You definitely want to see it. With that said, space is very limited, and it's likely that not everyone who comes out will be able to see the work. In which case, please have a drink, listen to Claire's sound installation, dig into the artist book, and hang out with your buds on a really nice Sunday afternoon. We'll be taking names as people arrive, so if you'd like to see the work, please plan to come early. We're not taking any "advance bookings."

We're also releasing an artist book for sale. The book is a collaboration between Claire, Claire's brother photographer Anton Molla, and Volatile Parts’ Jess Bernhart.

Claire Molla works with movement and performance and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work has been presented by the Atlanta Film Society, Dashboard, the Ferst Center for the Arts, the High Museum of Art, The Lucky Penny, and WonderRoot. She is engaged in a performative practice that is both pedestrian and conceptual. Themes that emerge in her research include the social performance of gender and femininity, cultural standards and measurements of beauty, obscuring the distinctions of a performative act, obligatory competition, and ritual catharsis. She makes work for stage, screen, and the site specific.

This month’s residency is generously supported by Atlanta-based graphic designer and creative director Sarah Lawrence. This is a free event taking place in a private home: 1460 Desoto Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310. All are welcome.

SUNDAY, May 5, 2019, 3PM - 9PM: A Thousand Todays Are Not Enough: TORI TINSLEY

Tori Tinsley’s installation, A Thousand Todays Are Not Enough, is about beginnings that contain their endings. The work is the culmination of Tori’s month-long studio residency. Tori created this work in and for the studio space, throughout the month of April, as the first resident of the Volatile Parts micro-studio. A Thousand Todays Are Not Enough will be on view for just one day:

Sunday, May 5, from 3-9 PM.

The centerpiece of the installation is 1,000 cardboard, tape, and canvas roses. We typically give flowers to commemorate major life changes. Usually the recipient of these living objects watches them slowly die, and in this way the gesture contains both beginnings and endings. Tori’s flowers are a little grotesque, artificial and clumsy, but eternal - in between life and death. They lie limp on the floor, but they will never be dead. Of course, they’ll never be alive, either. They are always-already in an impossible, compromised now. 

The installation grapples with dread, preservation, denial, and useless, hopeful gestures.

We are also releasing an accompanying artist book (run of 27), which will be available for sale/perusal.

There will be beer and wine, but feel free to byo-whatever. You’re encouraged to stay for a long while. Think of it like a Sunday afternoon barbeque; Tori’s work is the grill.

The venue is a private home. Everyone’s welcome.